"Keeping an Artist's Journal"
from Graphic/Fine Arts Press (Data CD)

Learn how to keep your own artist's journal from Cathy Johnson -- who's been doing just that for 30 years.

ALL NEW CD -- the how-to and the WHY-to of journaling! This tutorial covers keeping an artist's journal, not just an ART journal. There is a difference. We do cover collage and such, but that's not the main focus -- it's much richer than that. Use a variety of mediums, as quick or as complex as you wish, then splash in watercolor for color and volume. Work in pen or pencil alone, gouache, watercolor, acrylic -- whatever best lets you create the journal page that suits your mood, available time, subject. It's your choice! Explore this fun new workshop with Cathy Johnson, artist and teacher as well as author of North Light's new Watercolor Tricks & Techniques and The Sierra Club Guide to Painting in Nature. *You will also find a "how to use this CD/readme file, exercises, a list of online art suppliers, and a mini-catalog of Johnson's other CDs. *Johnson teaches online art classes; this CD is used as the text for classes on journal keeping there. *This is a data CD, with fully-downloadable and printable PDF file of lessons. It is not a DVD or audio visual. Put it into your computer's CD drive, open the files, and you're there!

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