"Watercolor Pencil Workshop"
by Cathy Johnson

Downloadable Version - DL-11

This convenient downloadable version contains the same information as the CD of the same name*; it includes all the original .PDFs. It’s rather large and rich with illustrations -- please be patient while it opens; it may take a while. Then simply print or save to your hard drive!

The PDFs are in an 8-1/2" x 11" format and may not appear correctly on your Kindle or iPad; they are best viewed on your computer or printed out.

Note: This is not exactly the same as my North Light book, Watercolor Pencil Magic, which I wrote in 2002 – that book is unfortunately out of print, and I am offering this download or CD to take its place. Some of the art appears in both places, but I have restored one whole chapter to the CD and downloadable version which had been cut from the North Light Book. IF you already have the book, please consider whether you want this as well.

To learn more about what's included, please click here.

* If you have taken my online class or own the CD, you will have seen the information in this version.

Price - $9.99

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